BULK POWDERS Mixmaster Black Shaker 700ml

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This BULK POWDERS® Shaker Bottle is a genuine Original MixMaster Shaker™ from Buchsteiner in Germany – now available in this eye-catching and sleek black colourway.

It is guaranteed leak-proof and dishwasher friendly, at an ultra-low price. Complete with the BULK POWDERS® logo printed on the side and matching black lid, this shaker bottle is a must have for convenient consumption of your supplements.

Each shaker bottle has a secure screw-top lid and an enclosed mesh grill, which avoids unwanted lumps so that you can enjoy each drink right from the bottle. Each shaker cup can hold up to 700ml or 25oz liquid, and is clearly labelled for accurate measuring. 

Remember that every Buchsteiner Shaker Bottle is absolutely leak-proof, no matter if the liquid is water or milk-based, but this does exclude fizzy drinks!

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