FINAFLEX Clear Protein 2Ib BB 09/2019

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Clear Protein By Finaflex - Protein Blend

What Is Finaflex Clear Protein?

CLEAR PROTEIN is designed for men and women of all ages who demand a great tasting, straight-forward protein powder drink mix that delivers results. CLEAR PROTEIN is the clear and obvious choice for consumers and athletes who are simply looking for a complete protein powder drink mix, minus all the other stuff. Featuring PentaPhase Instantized Protein Blend Technology you can shake it, stir it, bake it, or blend it…but most of importantly ENJOY IT however you like!

How Does Finaflex Clear Protein Work?

An effective Protein Drink Mix Formula must be built on the most current scientific research in order to make it the right Protein for you. The latest research on Protein has shown that a Drink Mix powered by only a single form of Protein falls short in its ability to feed muscles effectively. Recent studies have also shown that more is not necessarily better when it comes to the amount of Protein contained in a serving of Protein Drink Mix. The human body is only able to absorb a specific amount of Protein at any given time, which leads to waste if a Protein Drink Mix contains more Protein than the body needs.

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