ANIMAL Water Jug 1890ml BLACK

15,00 €
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You can drink from a dainty container that fits into your car's cup holder, or you can chug from this, the new Animal 1/2 Gallon Water Jug. Leakproof and rugged, this jug can take a beating. Fill it with cold water or, if you're feeling more adventurous, add some of your favorite Animal Juiced Aminos and stay fueled for your entire workout. Training is hard enough. This new jug from Animal will make life just a little easier. Dishwasher safe (upper tray only).

May not be a full gallon, but half a gallon (64 oz) is a good start for the sweet new leakproof and rugged Animal Water Jug. 

* Translucent 
* Ergonomic handle
* Leakproof, attached flip lid stays in place
* BPA/melamine/polyamide-Free


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