MADMAX "no matter" PINK (MFG-931)

17,50 €


* Suurus

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The glove is designed for women seeking a different look andinnovation, while requiring the maximum palm protection andcomfort during every work-out.

Used materials:

The gloves are made of leather, enabling repeat washing in common washing machines, and a 100% polyester fabric (healtha+).

Glove description:

  • The palm is made of a double layer of leather with comfortablepadding and anatomical stitching.
  • The back is made of healtha+ fabric ensuring maximum dispersion of sweat.
  • specially shaped leather strip (y-frame) connecting the little finger and thumb edges is used to ensure lateral and longitudinal reinforcement and the ergonomic shape of the glove. Healtha+ fabric is also used between the fingers to provide maximum comfort and breathability in these problematic parts.
  • Wrist – the palm of the glove is slightly longer in order to safelyprotect the carpal tunnel area.
  • The fastening is a true designer masterpiece enabling you to secure the glove very precisely around the back of the hand and wrist for a perfect fit, while allowing completely free movement. 


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