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The latest patented design wireless battery massage cushion that is ideal for everywhere: home, office, car and even an airplane or cinema. Enjoy a relaxing massage that soothes the senses and creates a deep feeling of well-being. The new 2021 model is thinner and lighter, so that it would be more convenient to use it for massaging the lower back, for example. Added reversing knob and new ceramic infrared heating. The 2200mA battery allows the pillow to be used for up to a week.

The Battery Massage Pillow is on the one hand a stylish sofa pillow and on the other hand a great tool for massaging tense muscles in the back, neck, thighs, shoulders, etc. The pillow effectively stimulates acupuncture points all over the body, which improves the work of vital organs and strengthens the immune system. Infrared heat that turns on and off dilates blood vessels, which in turn improves blood circulation and, as a result, accelerates cell renewal and oxygen supply.

Nothing complicated - just two buttons
- Pressing and holding the on / off button for 3 seconds switches on the massage cushion.
- Pressing once switches the infrared heater on / off.
- Pressing the button for 3 seconds switches off the massage cushion.
- Additional button to change the direction of rotation of the massaging eggs

Do you want a strong or gentle massage?
Four rotating massage heads that automatically change the direction of rotation every 2 minutes.
Infrared heating that can be switched on and off.
The strength of the massage depends on how hard you press the pillow.
The pillow has a built-in 2200mA Li-battery
Which not only has a large capacity but also has a protective chip that helps prevent overheating, explosion and the formation of dangerous gases. The battery is KC, CE and ROHS certified.
The pillow is portable
Weight only 1.5kg
Set includes:

220v adapter / battery charger and manual

Dimensions: length 45 x width 25 x height 11 cm
Operating voltage: DC-12.6V
Battery: 2200Ma Lithium
Power consumption: 24W (includes infrared heater 5w)
Massage cycle: 10min (After that it switches off automatically)
The pillow is packed in a beautiful box, which makes it an ideal gift idea!

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