EVOLITE Vitamin C Powder 1000g

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Vitamin C is necessary for the functioning of living organisms. For people, it is a vitamin that we must provide in food. Unfortunately, this vitamin is one of the most sensitive to external factors, it is destroyed (by oxidation) by high temperature, exposure to light and direct contact with air. That is why many people decide to supplement this vitamin.

Vitamin C supports the body's work in many functions:
is an antioxidant
participates in collagen synthesis
is necessary to maintain the welfare of connective tissue
is involved in the activation of many enzymes
facilitates iron assimilation
affects the synthesis of neurotransmitters
has a helpful effect on the destruction of bacteria causing caries
strengthens teeth and gums
helps in healing wounds and cuts
helps in stabilizing the psyche

Portion: 1000mg
Servings Per Container: 1000
Vitamin C 1000mg / 1250% RWS *
* RWS: Reference Intake Value for an adult

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