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OSTROVIT Water Jug 1890ml Black

10,00 €
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OstroVit Water Jug 1890 ml is a water bottle made of high-quality plastic that you can take with you to the gym or other place where you plan to do physical activity.

As you know, keeping your body hydrated is essential to stay healthy and feel good. Even a small loss of fluids reduces the efficiency of our training, and nothing more than proper hydration is a great way to maintain sports performance at the highest level.

The tight closure prevents liquid from escaping from the bubble, so you don't have to worry about flooding your punching bag. The product has a large filler, which makes it easier for us to fill the cylinder, and a handy handle. Thanks to our product, the consumption of the right amount of water will become much easier and more convenient! The product is recommended especially for people training in the gym, as well as those training outdoors or at home.

High-quality transparent material
Tight closure
Wide infusion
Handy and sturdy handle
A strong strap connecting the cap with the bottle
Large cylinder capacity

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