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PROZIS Arm Blaster

24,00 €

Maximum Isolation for Maximum Biception

  • Isolates the biceps for greater gains
  • Nylon straps and neoprene neck pad
  • Stimulates proper form and technique
  • Easy to transport
  • Rugged metal construction
  • One size fits all

Blast from the past

An icon of 1970s bodybuilding, the Arm Blaster was popularized by the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. As simple as it is ingenious, the Arm Blaster consists of a horizontal structure with a strap hung over the athlete's shoulders and neck. The resulting torso stabilization enables total isolation of the biceps for the perfect bicep curl. In spite of its age, this workout tool remains effective and relevant to this very day!

If you have any experience with free weights, you know that bicep isolation can be difficult to achieve. Even though curls are exclusively intended for the bicep muscles, it's natural for the body to engage both the shoulders and back in this exercise. However, that makes it more of a compound exercise than an isolation exercise meant only for the biceps. It can compromise your bicep training, and some might even call it cheating.

The Prozis Arm Blaster makes sure that the athlete performs bicep curls properly,thus decreasing the risk of injury and maximizing muscle growth. It helps keep your torso stable, prevents the arms from swinging, and keeps shoulder and back engagement to a minimum. This makes the Prozis Arm Blaster a mandatory piece of equipment for anyone who wants to maximize their bicep development.


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