Ultraheliseade GLOBUS MEDISOUND 922 1Mhz

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Compact ultrasound device for physiotherapist, masseur or home use

Convenient and simple applications in the fields of health and aesthetics. The convenient design of the Globus ultrasound allows the device to be used in any area.
51 programs that combine EMS and ultrasound to treat pain and inflammation.
The device actively mobilizes fat and activates the trophism of cellulite tissues, smoothes surface wrinkles and improves the appearance of orange peel. Its effect creates a thermal effect that helps relieve pain and activates anti-inflammatory regenerative processes, making it important in orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports science and aesthetics.
It also has an output channel that allows it to be used as an electrical stimulator (EMS). The two displays show the parameters during operation.

Ultrasound therapy is a comfortable and painless procedure. First, the absence of contraindications to ultrasound treatment is determined (Consult a doctor or physiotherapist). You will be given an intensity and duration of treatment. To perform the treatment procedure, the contact agent (oil, gel, etc.) is first applied to the area to be treated and the tip of the ultrasound treatment apparatus is placed on the body surface. Natural therapeutic oil or gel (available here) is used as an ultrasonic contact to improve the therapeutic effect. Gels available from, for example, Voltaren Emulgel or other pharmacies can also be used as the ultrasonic contacting agent, the therapeutic properties of which are increased due to the effect of the ultrasound to deliver the therapeutic substances deeper into the tissues. During the treatment session, you will feel a pleasant feeling of warmth in the treated area.

51 programs:
PAIN / REHABILITATION (16 programs):
Lower back pain
Arthritis / osteoarthritis
Carpal tunnel
Thalgia (heel pain)
Joint muscle pain
Upper limb pain
Lower limb pain

VALU / EMS (13 programs):
General pain
Arthrosis / arthritis pain
Muscle aches
Knee pain
Trapezoidal pain
Wounds on the thighs
Shoulder pain
Elbow pain
Bone pain
Lower back pain
Cervical region

ULTRASOUNDS / EMS (14 programs):
Muscle aches
Knee pain
Trapezoidal pain
Sore thighs
Shoulder pain
Elbow pain
Bone pain
Lower back pain
Cervical region
Rheumatic pain
Osteoarthritic pain in the knees
Phantom limb pain

LEATHER (3 programs):
Stretch marks
Promoting the absorption of active substances

BEAUTY (4 programs):
Fat test

Technical specifications:
Max power is 5W (head diameter 30mm and area 7cm2), ie 0.7W per 1cm2

The device can change the intensity (voltage) from 1 to 9 levels.

The time can be adjusted from 1-30min.

The user manual in English can be downloaded HERE

Maximum peak power: 5W total 20%
Average power / cm2: 0.5 W / cm2 20%
Head diameter: 30 mm
Dimensions: 19 x 5 x 5 cm
Weight: 300 g
Power supply: 220V 50/60 Hz
Output: continuous and pulse
Device: Class I type BF
In accordance with Directive 93/42 / EEC
Device: CE 0434

1 Medisound 922 ultrasound device
1 power cord
1 power adapter
2 square electrodes
1 user manual


tumor processes (malignant tumor area)
infections and infectious diseases
pregnancy (abdominal and lower back area during pregnancy)
area of joint replacements
risk of thrombus or embolism
inflammatory or febrile diseases
heart, - liver, - kidney failure
Ultrasound indications
Pain relief, muscle cramps, joint contracture
Pain relief, muscle cramps, joint contracture that may be related to:
Adhesive capsulite
Arthritis (mild calcification)
Soft tissue injuries
Shortened tendons (due to previous injuries)
Chronic pain and joint contracture that may be associated with:
Capsule tightness

The device must not be used:
to relieve local symptomatic pain without the pain syndrome
without diagnosis
The device must not be used in the presence of a carcinogenic lesion
The device must not be used in the presence of open wounds
Do not use in patients with severe infectious disease and / or generalized disease
for medical reasons
In the case of a fracture, in the central part of the bone growth
A pacemaker is installed in the chest area as a patient
Healing fracture area
Do not touch the patient's eyes
In the case of a pregnant patient in the uterine region
In patients with a diagnosis of vascular disease (blood supply problems) who
blood supply may be too weak during therapy and may lead to necrosis

When using ultrasound, additional attention should be paid to:
When therapy involves the spinal cord area of a patient after laminectomy
Anesthetic areas
For haemorrhagic diathesis
Ultrasound therapy can cause burns if mistreated. Skin burns
may occur in the following cases:
If the intensity is too strong
If too low a frequency is used
Using stationary technology (sound heads are kept in one place)
Audio head too slow

on this movement
When performing therapy in a patient with hypersensitive skin
In the bony area (bones reflect sound waves back and increase the intensity around the bone envelope)
Prevent the head from overheating
Follow the instructions below to prevent the head from overheating:
No head contact should be avoided during therapy
When performing therapy in water, care must be taken to ensure that the sound head is completely submerged throughout the therapy
For direct coupling, the most conductive gel should be used during therapy to achieve better contact
between the sound head and the patient's skin
In an area where the connection between the sound head and the patient is poor, the operating cycle of the device should be reduced
power (duty cycle)

Prevention of complications
The following notes should be followed to avoid negative results during ultrasound therapy.
Head movement
Moving the sound head too slowly during therapy can cause complications and pain for the patient. Too fast
with good head movement, the head may not achieve good enough contact with the patient and the effectiveness of the therapy
decreases. This can also cause the head to overheat.
Patient sensitivity
Some patients may be more sensitive to ultrasound therapy and may experience skin irritation.
Be sure to check the area to be treated before and after the procedure. The procedure is coming
discontinue immediately if contraindications occur.
Output power
Depending on the need and the patient's characteristics, a smaller wattage should be chosen to reduce the output power
number or use a pulsed duty cycle. Higher output powers are higher
possibility of complications.
Helipea contact
In order to achieve proper contact between the head of the device and the patient, a dedicated device must be used
conductive substances (for example gel, corresponding liquids).

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