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MYPROTEIN Fat Callipers (rasvamõõtja)

8,00 €
  • Accurate body fat measurements
  • Ideal for personal trainers
  • Very light and easy to transport

Our Fat Callipers are a precision instrument that use skinfold thickness to measure body fat. They come with a convenient measurement chart for males and females, ages 18-65, which can be used as a guideline for calculating body fat. Ideal when you’re trying to get shaped and toned.


Measurement Range: Approx. 0-2.76inch/0-7cm

Suggested Use

For accurate and repeatable tests, follow the below guidelines for taking skinfold measurements. Following a standard method of assessment helps ensure accuracy and repeatability on future testing.

  • Instruct the test subject to keep the muscles relaxed during the test.
  • Mark the skinfold site using a pen with water soluble ink. Use a tape measure to accurately find the mid-points.
  • The skinfold should be firmly grasped by the thumb and index finger, using the pads at the tip of the thumb and finger. Gently pull the skinfold away from the body.
  • The Caliper should be placed perpendicular to the fold, on the site marked, dial up, at approximately 1 cm below the finger and thumb. While maintaining the grasp of the skinfold, allow the Caliper to be released so that full tension is placed on the skinfold.
  • A minimum of two measurements should be taken at each site. If repeated tests vary by more than 1 mm, repeat the measurement. If consecutive measurements become increasingly smaller, the fat is being compressed. Go to another site and come back a little later and recheck the problem site.
  • The final value recorded should be the average of the two that seems best to represent the skinfold fat site.
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