GRENADE Energy 330ml (BCAA, Vitamins) BB 10/2020

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Grenade Energy® is a sugar-free grab and go RTD for all occasions! Nothing that's going to blow your mind mad-caffeine instead a nice clean natural sustained energy release alongside electrolytes, BCAAs and vitamins all in one super-cute 330ml can!

Grenade hit the ground running with their snacks spreads and shakes! Winning so many hearts with their super-famous Carb-killa bars range which has translated into so many other forms! A welcome addition to the range and the next step into new territory this Grenade Energy RTD is certainly something new and exciting! Natural energy too?! Yup! Containing around the same caffeine content as a Monster this is pretty impressive stuff! No bitter nasty caffeine taste just a delicious fruit-y refreshing easy to drink can of goodness!

Flavour?! For us it definitely screams MELON!! There is no denying from first sip to last, it's completely and utterly melon-madness! Super refreshing and the perfect sip-able sensation whether as a pre-workout or just a little round the clock pick-me up!

Great for staying hydrated with added electrolytes, not to mention the BCAA's to help with muscle recovery followed by vitamins to keep us performing at our best whilst supporting our immune system! No sugar, no carbs and only 11kcals per can!!

Grenade Energy® Drink - 330ml Ingredients & Nutritional Information:

Energy (KJ) 13 45
Energy (kcal) 3 11
Fat 0g 0g
Of which saturates 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 0g 0g
Of which sugars 0g 0g
Protein 0.4g 1.4g
Fibre 0g 0g
Salt 0.04g 0.14g
Vitamins 100ml 330ml
Vitamin D3 1.3mcg 5.0mcg
Vitamin B3 4.8mg 15.0mg
Vitamin B5 1.8mg 6.0mg
Vitamin B6 0.4mg 1.4mg
Vitamin B12 0.8mcg 2.5mcg
Biotin 15mcg 50mcg
Magnesium 18mg 60mg
Functional Energy Blend    
Natural Caffeine 155mg  
Electrolytes 470mg  
BCAA 2:1:1 1500mg  
Taurine 250mg  
N-Acetyl Tyrosine 500mg  

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Branched Chain Amino Acids 2:1:1 (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine), Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid; Flavour, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Electrolyte Blend: Magnesium Citrate, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride; Taurine, Caffeine from Coffee Bean, Sweetener: Sucralose; Vitamin Blend: Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12; Guarana Extract, Green Tea Extract, Choline Bitartrate.High caffeine content

Caffeine is 47mg per 100ml. Not recommended for children, pregnant and breast-feeding women or persons sensitive to caffeine.

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