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RULE1 R1 Train Bcaa´s 7 serv - Candy Apple

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  • 6 g BCAAs *
  • 2.5g glutamine *
  • 1.5g citrulline
  • 1g Hydromax™ glycerol powder *
  • Electrolytes, vitamin B6, and antioxidant C
  • Full panel transparency
  • Carefully blended and packaged in an NSF GMP facility in the USA

If your workouts finish before your will does, it might be time to revisit your intra-workout supplement. R1 Train’s amino-loaded formula provides BCAAs and betaine to fuel muscle energy and endurance, glutamine, HydroMax® and electrolytes for hydration, and antioxidant C to fight free radicals. Stay in the game with R1 Train. *

  • Transparent Formula
  • ZERO Stimulants
  • ZERO Fillers
  • ZERO Creatine
  • ZERO Added Sugar

Sure, what goes in before should get you pumped for a great workout. It should help you recover faster, too.

But what keeps you going while you lift? Water? Sports drinks? You can do better!

R1 Train™ is a better option that not only hydrates, it adds energy and power to every rep while ensuring clean growth and recovery after – all while you work out! Our better input = better output credo isn’t just about doing better before and after your workout. It’s about always doing better.

More than just Essential Aminos:
Zero corners were cut with R1 Train™. Each tasty scoop packs more essential aminos into your workout – faster – than virtually any other training product out there.

Plus, we pride ourselves on offering a better-quality amino blend at a better price so you get the most powerful bang for your buck at EVERY workout.

• 100% Real Amino Acids - 22g total/2 scoops
• Rapid Absorption Formula - instant fuel & stamina
• Better protein synthesis & muscle endurance - boosts growth & repair
• Added electrolytes to sustain you throughout your training1

BCAAs (L-Leucine,L-Isoleucine & L-Valine):
- Absorb directly for instant muscle fuel & expedited repair
- Support insulin & growth hormone levels for max muscle building
- Support cortisol suppression to lessen fatigue & tissue breakdown, and speed recovery
- Aid protein synthesis, and support increased metabolic rate and calorie burn, which can increase fat loss

- Helps delay fatigue & speeds muscle recovery
- Necessary to maintain muscle tissue during intense exercise
- Most prominent amino – supports growth hormone levels and plays a key role in muscle recovery

- Helps increase alertness & mental focus
- Helps body utilize oxygen & delay fatigue1

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