MYPROTEIN CORE 150 Shaker 1L - Black

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Our Myprotein CORE 150 Shaker in black is the only shaker on the market where compartments can be inside as part of the design. Extremely unique with a 1L capacity, this shaker allows you to transport your supplement powders with you at all times. The 3 separate compartments are perfectly tailored to store your pre, during and after workout supplement powders! Also, you can remove the entire compartment section to increase your shaker volume to deliver superior mix-ability and optimal hydration.

Special Features

  • Only shaker on the market where compartments are inside of the design
  • Finished with awesome Myprotein branding
  • Perfect for transporting all of your powdered supplements

Best for

  • Storing 50g of powdered supplements, pills, tablets or even fruit pieces in each compartment
  • Staying hydrated anytime throughout the day
  • Post-workout recovery

Let’s talk dimensions

- Base diameter – 84 mm

- Closure diameter - 93 mm

- Top diameter – 98 mm

- Total height – 240 mm

- Total capacity – 1L

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