MYPROTEIN MYPRE V2 30 Servings Cola

34,00 €
  • Updated and improved formulation
  • Contains creatine for improved physical performance*
  • 175mg of caffeine per serving – increasing endurance performance*
  • Added AstraGin®, BioPerine®, Capsimax®, and TeaCrine®
  • Added mix of scientifically researched ingredients


Mypre™ 2.0 is our premium range pre-workout supplement. It delivers the boost you need to see superior results.

Created using an optimal blend of carefully researched ingredients, Mypre™ 2.0 is an explosive blend of citrulline, caffeine, as well as essential vitamins and minerals – including vitamin B6, which is scientifically proven to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Our improved formula now exclusively includes a combination of AstraGin®, BioPerine®, Capsimax®, and TeaCrine®. These have been specially created to help push you further and break barriers – rep after rep, set after set.


Mypre™ 2.0 is a powerful mix of ingredients, specially formulated to give your workout the kick-start it needs. Whether you’re smashing a bodyweight circuit, or you’re about to hit the weights hard… Mypre™ 2.0 is the ideal formula to get you firing on all cylinders.

Our ultimate pre-workout also comes in four sweet and fruity flavours including Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch.


Caffeine: Mypre™ 2.0 combines a powerful mix of caffeine and guarana extract to deliver 175mg of caffeine, which improves endurance performance.*

Creatine: our hard-hitting blend contains creatine monohydrate, scientifically proven to increase physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high-intensity exercise.

L-glutamine: an amino acid, which are the building blocks of protein, it is highly popular among athletes, from bodybuilders to endurance competitors.

AstraGin®: 100% natural, and sourced from plants including panaxnotoginseng and astragalus membranaceous, AstraGin® is a popular ingredient in many of our products.

BioPerine®: derived from the fruit of the black pepper plant, and popular in Chinese traditional therapies. Add some seasoning to your workout with this ingredient.   

Capsimax®: concentrated natural capsicum extract from red hot chilli peppers. Fire up your body, without feeling the burn in your mouth!

TeaCrine®: derived from theacrine, and similar to caffeine, which increases alertness and concentration* – giving you a boost when you need it most.

Our formula also contains: contains 3g L-citrulline malate 2:1, 1.6g beta alanine, 1g betaine anhydrous, 0.5g L-arginine, AAKG 2.1, 0.5g L-tyrosine, 0.2g choline bitartrate, and 0.5g L-carnitine.


Specially developed and scientifically proven to boost your performance. Fuel for superior results, Myrange is the winning formula. Developed with pioneering formulations and best-in-class production, it delivers the highest-quality nutritional content.


Get more for your money, saving on everything from protein-packed snacks to explosive pre-workouts, and all your favourite supplements. 

You receive one reward point for every pound spent, so simply redeem next time you shop to stay fuelled for less.

* Creatine is proven to increase physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high-intensity exercise. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 3 g of creatine.

* Caffeine contributes to an increase in endurance performance

* Caffeine is proven to increase alertness and improve concentration.

* Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Take 1 scoop 30 minutes before exercise. Mix each scoop with 300-400 ml of cold water (to desired sweetness) and consume immediately. We suggest starting with 1 scoop or less to assess your tolerance. Contains 175 mg Caffeine per Scoop.

Warning: High caffeine content. Not recommended for children or pregnant or breast-feeding women (175 mg caffeine per 14 g serving). Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet. Keep in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Suitable for vegetarians. Store out of the reach of young children.

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