PROZIS Waxy Maize 900g

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Waxy Maize is a unique type of carbohydrate that comes from corn, capable of being absorbed very quickly to refuel and replenish your glycogen stores.
The carbohydrates that Waxy Maize supplies to your body are converted into glycogen, which the muscles then use for energy. After intense workouts, our glycogen stores are depleted and we feel weak. With its unique high Glycemic Index, waxy maize is quickly driven into your muscle cells, nourishing and energizing them.

It is common practice among athletes, such as bodybuilders, to consume a high carbohydrate drink or meal right after working out, to replenish depleted glycogenstores and jump-start the recovery process.
Delaying post-workout carbohydrates consumption will inevitably result in a longer and less efficient recovery, which means slower gains.

However, different carbohydrates have different rates at which they enter the bloodstream and influence insulin levels. Ideally, a post-workout drink should have fast carbohydrates, so that an insulin peak is quickly achieved. The higher the insulin peak, the faster and the better nutrients are delivered to the muscles. And this is precisely what makes Waxy Maize so special, because Waxy Maize can go through the digestive system and reach the small intestines, where it is absorbedmuch faster than other carbs, such as dextrose.
This quality turns Waxy Maize into the most valuable carbohydrate form there is for athletes who want to quickly refuel their muscle cells. It provides the best way to fast-track recovery and promote more muscle gains in shorter periods of time.

But the beneficial properties of Waxy Maize go way beyond its unmatched glycogenreplenishment function. Because of the fact that it creates a quick insulin peak, Waxy Maize is a key ingredient to improve the absorption of other nutrients as well, such as protein and specific amino acids, like Glutamine and BCAAs. And Waxy Maize is especially powerful in driving Creatine into the muscle cells, as many studies have been able to prove.

Experience the energizing power of a clean, fast-acting carbohydrate, capable of speeding up the entire muscle recovery process and enhancing your lean mass gains. Prozis created Waxy Maize, the practical and convenient way of consuming pure Waxy Maize that will change the way your body reacts to working out!

Prozis Waxy Maize highlights:

  • Quickly replenishes glycogen stores
  • Speeds up the recovery process
  • Enhances other nutrients absorption
  • Quickly restores energy and power
  • Improves the anabolic effect of other supplements
  • Completely safe and natural carbohydrate source

Add 1 level scoop (40 g) of powder to 200 ml of cold water or any beverage you prefer and shake well. Vary the amount of liquid to achieve your desired consistency.

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