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Size 2: 75cm cuff. (Body length 158 cm to 174 cm) (Size arrives in the first half of September)
Size 3: 89cm cuff (For body length 175 cm to 185 cm)
Size 4: 99cm cuff (For body length 186 cm and more)
Included in the set. Main module (pump) and a pair of leg cuffs.
Air Relax is an air compression device with several chambers that fill with air and actively compress through it. This system increases blood flow to the muscles, which supports muscle recovery and allows for stronger and more frequent exercise.

An excellent and effective tool for recovery from training. Most importantly, you don't have to do anything yourself!

4-step compression set. Maximum pressure 230mm Hg. For comparison, Normatec and recovery pump allows a maximum of 100mm Hg

Air Relax uses the most modern digitally controlled air pressure system to provide dynamic compression to feet or hands suffering from poor blood circulation or fatigue after exertion.

How does the device work?

Once you have the cuffs on your feet, sit or lie on a flat surface and shoot the technology

do your job. When the device is switched on, the chambers are filled with air in the desired sequence and strength. The chambers gradually compress different muscle groups in the legs. This type of massage therapy speeds up blood flow and helps to cleanse the muscles of lactic acid, for example, after intense training.

Take, for example, mode B, which fills the cuff chambers sequentially starting at the foot. It helps pump out / squeeze muscle waste and "black" venous blood. The chambers are then emptied and the entire cycle begins again by filling the chambers sequentially, starting at the thigh muscle. This helps the "pure" arterial blood reach the muscles faster so that it can "pick up" the waste again. This process speeds up the recovery of the legs many times over. A 15min session during which about 8 round trips is equivalent to 1 night of sleep for the muscles.

Previously, compression devices were intended for use only in severe musculoskeletal disorders such as lymphetam, venous insufficiency, and the like. The patient could only use the device with a prescription. Today, sports teams, universities, physiotherapists, and professional athletes use recovery pumps and compression devices to heal their injuries and recover for their next workout.

It is recommended to use the device if you have

Venous insufficiency
Lymphatic system deficiency
Varicose veins
Sports injury
Poor blood supply
Other circulatory and peripheral vascular conditions
Most athletes are interested in reducing their recovery time after an intense workout or sports competition. Recent scientific studies have shown that lymphatic therapy contributes to physical and physiological changes that indicate improved muscle recovery. The human lymphatic system does not have a pump like a heart. The heart pumps blood only into the arteries. Air Relax provides a natural sequential compression that repels venous blood from the legs and clears of waste products (lactic acid) that cause muscle pain and fatigue.
Improves relaxation and recovery
Helps integrate effective daily recovery into exercise programs
Allows to reduce muscle fatigue
Improves capacity and helps take it to the next level

Air Relax Compression technology gives athletes a competitive edge! We believe that recovery is as important as training and nutrition and should be an integral part of any athlete's training program. The Air Relax Compression System is designed to help athletes recover faster and perform better. But don't just believe our story, our technology is supported by numerous studies that highlight the improvement of athletic performance through dynamic compression.


Voltage: AC 220V, 50Hz
Power consumption: 30W
Dimensions: 25.9cm (W) x 17.0cm (H) x 12.9cm
Air compression pump: 15 liters per minute
The device switches off every 15 minutes in automatic mode.
LED display
4 pressure levels
Quiet pump
The device (pump) weighs: 2.35kg + leg cuffs 1.25kg / 1.45kg / 1.65kg (no.2 / nr3 / nr4)
Product info

Professional massage at home. Helps relieve knee problems, swelling of the legs, tension, varicose veins, water retention, pain and cramps. Improves blood and lymphatic system circulation.
Digitally controlled duty cycle - Mode A: peristaltic (1 chamber full and empty, 2 chamber full and empty, etc.), Mode B: sequential (fills the chambers successively upwards and then downwards), Mode C: All chambers full and empty in the chamber. Automatic mode: peristaltic + sequential compression mode with 4 pressure levels.
Almost twice the pressure compared to other devices on the market (up to 230mmHg).
Works on 220V AC (the one that everyone in the home). Portable, light and easy to use. Needs little care - can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Durable housing with built-in handle.
This product is intended for use as a personal massage apparatus and is not intended for medical use.

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