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In order to permanently grow bigger and stronger, you have to be ready to go where others dare not. In order to stimulate muscle growth and overcome physical limitations, you have to do even the most difficult and complex exercises and learn to tolerate pain. That's how you learn to love muscle pain, because at that moment you realize that this is how muscle grows!

Animal Fury contains, combined in one serving:

6000mg citrulline malate
2000mg of beta-alanine
1000mg of L-Tyrosine
350mg anhydrous caffeine
5000mg of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)

Animal Fury is a pre-workout supplement like no other!

Already 10 minutes after the first consumption, you can only think about lifting weights! It will make you seriously lose your workout!

Who is UNIVERSAL NUTRITION Animal Fury for?

Athletes compete in power sports

Mix 1 scoop with 350ml of liquid (according to your taste) and consume 30 minutes before training.
Since the product is very strong, take 1/2 scoop the first time. Do not consume more than 1 scoop in 24 hours or 6-8 hours before bedtime.

Portion size: 1 scoop (16.38g)
Total servings: 20



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