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Increased testosterone levels without side effects (!)
Complex support of every man’s health
Inhibits aromatase and SHBG activity
Increases brawn and endurance
Promotes anabolic processes
Safe agent of plant origin
Helps to build lean muscle mass
Reduces fat deposition
Improves well-being and self-confidence
Improves libido and sexual performance
Reduces blood cortisol levels
Beneficial for semen quality
Antimicrobial effect
Natural aphrodisiac

Apollos Hegemony Eurycoma Longjack Root Extract 200:1 is a dietary supplement containing 300 mg of a standardised (200:1) Eurycoma longifolia root extract. In Asian culture, it is used as a natural aphrodisiac and tonic.

The preparation is intended mainly for men as a remedy for a low libido, worse sexual performance, lack of energy, and low mood. By stimulating testosterone production and reducing cortisol levels, it also supports the process of lean muscle mass growth. Because of its plant origin, Tongkat Ali is safe in use and does not cause any side effects. The product contains an extract standardised to the concentration of Eurycoma in the proportion of 200:1.

Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali, Pasak Bumi) is an Asian plant known also as the Malaysian ginseng, used traditionally for enhancing natural testosterone production and the libido. Apart from that, it is beneficial for energy levels, the organism’s immunity and endurance. It is a source of alkaloids and glycosides, which are responsible for its positive effects in terms of increasing the activity of male sex hormones and improving sexual functions.

The efficacy of Tongkat Ali extracts is confirmed by numerous tests; they have shown an increase in testosterone levels in men suffering from late-onset hypogonadism (a testosterone deficiency syndrome connected with age), the reduction of cortisol levels and the symptoms of stress, as well as a general enhancement of physical performance and brawn in seniors.

Triterpene compounds found in the plant, eurycomanone and eurycomanol as well as 6-cathinone metabolites, strengthen the libido and eliminate the most problematic sexual dysfunctions, such as erectile dysfunctions or premature ejaculation. Apart from that, peptides contained in the extract affect SHBG and LH, that way increasing blood free testosterone levels.

Some people compare the efficacy of the substance with anabolic-androgenic steroids. However, Tongkat Ali, contrary to AAS, its use is not connected with side effects dangerous for health – it is a completely safe supplement of natural origin.

Benefits for the male endocrine system: as most people know, testosterone is the main male sex hormone, responsible for the mood, the libido, self-confidence, general appearance of the body, and sexual performance. Moreover, it actively participates in building muscle mass, which is the reason why it has been one of the most popular agents among body-building enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, natural testosterone production suffers as a result of a dynamic lifestyle, stress, little or bad-quality sleep, or an improper diet. Moreover, the secretion of the hormone decreases with age or becomes distorted because of various endocrinological problems. Men with low testosterone levels are characterised by, for example, high body fat, problems with building muscle mass, a low mood, low self-esteem, and problems with the libido.

One of the unique properties of Eurycoma Longjack extracts is the ability to stimulate the endogenous production of the hormone and to inhibit the mechanism of a feedback – a natural process of self-regulation in hormone economy. In other words, Tongkat Ali stimulates the organism to produce testosterone and inhibits the mechanism that limits its secretion at the same time. That translates into an increase in the hormone’s concentration in the blood, which results in a number of positive consequences for men.

The activity of Tongkat Ali is based on stimulating the gene CYP17, which increases androgen production in the organism, including testosterone. At the same time, the substance inhibits the process of aromatisation (the conversion of testosterone into oestrogens) and decreases the amount of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). The final effect is an increase in blood free testosterone levels, thanks to which it can adhere to free receptors in the organism (for example muscle cells).

Sexual performance improvement: Eurycoma Longjack root extracts have the ability to enhance the libido, sexual performance and the quality of semen. Thanks to the substance 9-hydroxy canthin-6-one, the agent has a positive effect on erection and battles such problems as premature ejaculation. Moreover, Tongkat Ali increases the number and motility of sperm cells in semen, that way enhancing male fertility. That translates into a better mood, higher self-esteem and self-confidence.


Cortisol level reduction and anabolic effect: the substance is also associated with the ability to reduce blood cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone of the glucocorticosteroid group secreted by the organism in response to stress factors, which is why it is often called the stress hormone. Its excess leads to a number of negative consequences for the functioning of the organism.


First and foremost, the hormone defies every goal of a sportsperson – it inhibits anabolic processes, promotes catabolism and lipogenesis, that is the storage of energy from food in the form of adipose tissue. Moreover, it inhibits calcium deposition in bones, which can result in problems with bones and joints.


Tongkat Ali has the ability to inhibit the secretion of the hormone, thanks to which it reduces the negative side effects of its excess in the blood. That property works fantastically along with its anabolic potential (connected with increased testosterone levels), which translates into the occurrence of optimal conditions in the organism for hypertrophy (growth) of muscle mass, and, at the same time, into the limited storage or even reduction of adipose tissue. Reducing cortisol levels also helps to strengthen the bones, as the process that reduces calcium content in tissues is inhibited.


Moreover, Eurycoma Longjack improves energy processes that take place in muscle cell mitochondria, which results in an increase in ATP levels (the main energy carrier in the organism) and translates directly into an improvement of endurance and workout efficacy. It also has an antimicrobial effect and inhibits the development of protozoa.


Mental well-being enhancement: an increase in physical and sexual performance translates into an improvement in a man’s mental well-being. A nicer silhouette, reduced adipose tissue, higher libido connected with better sexual performance, and lower cortisol levels, definitely help to improve self-esteem and satisfaction of every man. Increased testosterone levels also result in greater self-confidence and self-esteem, which brings a number of benefits in everyday life.


To sum up, Eurycoma Longjack Root Extract 200:1 constitutes complex support for every man’s organism. Its positive effect on testosterone levels, which is the main sex hormone, affects a number of major parameters of the organism’s functioning. The product has anabolic potential combined with the ability to reduce cortisol levels, which results in better well-being, a nicer silhouette, increased muscle mass, and reduced fat. The icing on the cake is an improvement of the libido and sexual functions, and the combination of all those properties creates a healthy, strong, and self-confident man.


Container size: 90 capsules
Serving size: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 90
per portion (1 capsule)amount%DV
Longjack Root Extract 200:1 300 mg -

Other ingrednients

Microcrystalline cellulose, rice flour, hypromellose (capsule shell).

Use one capsule once or twice a day with a meal both on training and non-training days.

Because of the wide range of effects of Eurycoma Longjack, it is hard to ascribe it to one category of supplements. It seems to be the closest to testosterone boosters; however, taking into account its remaining properties, counting it only as that type of supplement would be a little unfair.

The Tongkat Ali extract is a unique substance that supports the mental and physical health of every man in a complex way. The supplement is fantastic above all for men who experience symptoms typical of low testosterone levels, such as problems with the libido, high body fat and low muscle mass, low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

The Eurycoma Longjack root extract will also prove excellent as a supplement supporting the increase in lean muscle mass in the case of healthy training men. Its ability to reduce cortisol levels, inhibit aromatase and SHBG makes it appropriate both for people who train naturally and for those who support the process with anabolic steroids.

For best effects, it is worth to combine it with supplements containing D-aspartic acid (DAA), puncturevine (Tribulus terrestris), as well as zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 (ZMA). The aphrodisiac effect can be reinforced by the use of yohimbine, which fantastically complements the activity of Tongkat Ali.

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