APOLLO´S HEGEMONY Magnesium Bisglycinate 120 caps.

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Magnesium in highly bioavailable form
100 mg of magnesium ions in an easy to take capsule
Promotes proper nervous system functions
Reduces fatigue
Gentle to the digestive system
Apollo's Hegemony Magnesium Bisglycinate is a dietary supplement containing magnesium in a form that is characterized by high bioavailability. In addition, this form of magnesium is better tolerated by the gastrointestinal tract compared to other forms of magnesium commonly used in supplementation.

Magnesium is considered to be one of the most important elements that determine the proper functioning of the human body. It participates in almost every chemical process taking place in the body, affects a huge number of enzymes and acts as a bone-building block. In large quantities, it is used by the brain and muscles, including the most important muscle in our body - the heart.

Magnesium Bisglycinate is a unique form of this element, being a combination of two glycine compound with one magnesium compound. It is excellent for replenishing magnesium levels in the body, but can also bring additional benefits from the presence of glycine. This amino acid participates in many neuronal pathways, acts as a coagonist of the NMDA receptor, so it can prevent excessive stimulation and contributes to balancing the response of the nervous system to signals coming from the environment.

Magnesium promotes the proper functioning of the nervous system. It is essential for the proper conduction of nerve impulses and helps to maintain the excitability of cells at the right level. Moreover, it participates in the metabolism of tryptophan and thus contributes to maintaining optimal serotonin and melatonin levels. This is the reason why the deficiency of this element often correlates with sleeping problems, reduced mood and increased susceptibility to stress.

Magnesium supports proper muscle function. Its tasks include maintaining proper muscle tension and controlling the process of skeletal muscle contraction. It also plays a significant role in the stimulus and conduction system of the heart, so its deficiencies often lead to heart disorders. Painful muscle spasms, their trembling (e.g. eyelid twitching) may also indicate that the body lacks magnesium.

To sum up, Apollo's Hegemony Magnesium Bisglycinate is a preparation that helps to supplement magnesium deficiency. It contains magnesium in an easy to absorb form, so it should work well for people which digestive tracts do not react well to supplements containing other forms of magnesium.

Container size: 120 capsules
Serving size: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 120
per portion (1 capsule) amount %DV
Magnesium (magnesium bisglycinate) 100 mg 26%
Other ingrednients
Capsule shell (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, titanium dioxide), magnesium stearate, Aquamin Mg.

Take 1 capsule daily or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

Magnesium bisglycinate is recommended mainly for people who feel discomfort from the gastrointestinal tract after taking other supplements containing more common magnesium forms. Moreover, it is suspected that due to the presence of glycine this magnesium form helps to take even better care of the nervous system.

People who are stressed, exposed to the excessive physical or mental effort should take into account that in such conditions their demand for magnesium is much higher.

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