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APOLLO´S HEGEMONY Relatonic Forte 60caps

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Stabilizes nervous system functions
Improves natural immunity
Supports adrenal glands functions
Improves general well-being
Contains adaptogens
Reduces anxiety and fatigue
Supports mental functions
Apollo's Hegemony Relatonic Forte is a dietary supplement that contains a concentrated dose of high-quality natural ingredients that have a toning influence on adrenal glands and nervous system.

The product has been designed to meet the needs of society, which, as a result of the rapid pace of life, excess of work and responsibilities, is exposed to excessive stress and, consequently, exhaustion, excessive fatigue, decrease in concentration and mood.

The supplement is composed on the basis of adaptogenic raw materials and thanks to that it increases resistance to stress, calms down, improves mood and supports mental functions. The product formula has been developed in such a way that it ensures the greatest safety. It is based on the proven, traditional ingredients used for thousands of years in the traditional Chinese medicine and the Ayurveda.

Ginkgo Biloba ‒ is a plant from China, whose healing properties were observed thousands of years ago. It was used, among others, to alleviate symptoms of joints diseases, bronchitis and asthma as well as in order to reduce fatigue. The latest advantage, related to the improvement in nervous system functions, is especially appreciated to this day.

The raw materials used for pharmacological purposes are Ginkgo biloba leaves. The power of action of the Ginkgo biloba extract is mainly dependent on the presence of the most important bioactive substances, which include flavonoids (glycosidic flavonols) and terpenoids (diterpene lactones). Moreover, the extract contains also, among others, steroids, lipids and free fatty acids.

It has been demonstrated that bioactive substances contained in the Ginkgo biloba leaves extract are able to improve the blood flow through vessels, especially through those that are located in the areas of brain and cochlea, a part of the inner ear. Furthermore, they improve the structure of blood vessels, protect myelin cells of nerve fibres and increase the use of oxygen and glucose by brain cells.

These characteristics improve blood circulation, reduce the risk of hypoxia of brain cells, and thus improve concentration and effective learning, support cognitive functions as well as reduce swelling of the lower limbs and alleviate tinnitus.

Ashwagandha is an herb, which is a fundamental element in the system of the natural Indian medicine (Ayurveda). Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is also known under the name "Indian ginseng" and is used in medicine mainly due to its adaptogenic properties and in order to protect the nervous system.

The raw material used for medical purposes is the root of Ashwagandha, whose most active substances are withanolides (especially alkaloids and steroidal lactones). Moreover, the extract contains also flavonoids, saponins, glycosides, coumarins, phytosterols, minerals, choline and essential oils.

Chronic stress, work and duties excess, not enough rest and relaxation as well as sleeping disorders are some of the most common stress factors. Ashwagandha belongs to adaptogens, so it has the ability to increase the mechanisms of organism adaptation to stressors and to minimize their harmful influence on health

It has been proven that the Withania somnifera extract promotes the regeneration of nerve cells and stimulates their growth. What is more, it can help to improve serotonin binding, so it is used to improve general well-being, reduce fatigue and support psychomotoric capacity.

Brahmi is an herb, whose name is derived from the word Brahma, one of the most important Hindu gods. This plant has neuroregenerative properties and is classified as an adaptogen.

To the compounds classified as Bacopa monnieri species of the largest pharmacological activity, belong also steroid saponins, which contain bacosides A and B. Moreover, the plant contains also, among others, alkaloids, phenolics and flavonoids.

It has been reported that Brahmi is effective in improving concentration and attention, because it affects the synthesis of neurons and improves the functions of neurotransmitters as well as stimulates the limbic system, which is involved in the process of remembering and is responsible for emotions regulation.

Gotu kola is a plant that, when used regularly, improves the peripheral and cerebral circulation and is primarily used to improve cognitive function.

The main active substance in Centella asiatica is triterpene glycoside, an asiaticoside. What is more, the plant contains flavonoids, mono-and sesquiterpenes, polyacetylene compounds and vitamins A, C, E, and K.

By improving blood circulation, gotu kola contributes to the reduction of fatigue, increase in concentration and psychomotor capacity. In addition, it has anti-stress properties and promotes digestion.

Lion's Mane & Reichi are fungi having the ability to regenerate and strengthen the cells of the nervous system. Their action is based mainly on immunostimulation and immunoprotection. Moreover, they have the ability to improve general well-being, increase cognitive function and relieve the symptoms of depression.

To sum it all up, Relatonic Forte is a dietary supplement of highly effective procognitive properties. It is recommended for people who need a support for nervous and immune systems, as a result of the frequent stress and intense mental effort. It is effective in the case of emotional instability, memory disorders and reduced concentration ability.

The supplement stabilizes the adrenal glands functions, increases resistance to stress and minimizes symptoms of fatigue. It may be also helpful in supporting treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

Container size: 60 capsules
Serving size: 2 capsules
Servings per container: 30
per 2 capsules amount %DV
Ginkgo Biloba Extract (24% Flavone glycosides, 6% total lactones) 120mg -
Ashwagandha (5% withanolides) 150 mg -
Brahmi (20% bacosides) 150 mg -
Gotu Kola (20% asiaticosides) 150 mg -
Lion’s Mane extract (30% polysaccharides) 250 mg -
Reishi (30% extract) 250 mg -
Other ingrednients
Bulking substance - maltodextrin,
hypromellose (capsule shell).

Take 1 dose (2 kapsules) per day with a meal containing fat. For visable improvement of cognitive functions, use the supplement for at least 4-6 weeks.
The supplement is recommended particularly in times of increased exposure to stress, as well as before heavy physical or intellectual effort. Because the organism is exposed to greater or lesser stress every day, the preparation is also recommended for preventive purposes. I advise to start supplementation with 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 capsule with supper, and increase the dosage to 4 capsules a day after more or less 10 days.

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