CHIBA Classic (Brown)

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Training glove made out of finest but very robust Nappaleather, ventilation holes for a perfect breathability, anatomically constructed palm, elastic wrist closure, anatomically shaped Gel padding More than 150 years ago Chiba was appointed by the Austrian emperor to be the supplier of gloves for the imperial family due to the high quality of their products and their skill. Manufacturing gloves has always been a special skill. In former times it was necessary to select the right leather, tan it, sand it down to the correct thickness, stretch it and cut it to shape. A single mistake by the glove maker meant that the entire glove was unusable. But even today the demands regarding quality, functionality and durability are still high. Their own ISO 9001 certified production has enabled Chiba to become more deeply involved in the development and manufacture of gloves than any other manufacturer putting them in the position to offer the best quality, functionality, the highest possible protection and extreme durability of the products all of which will benefit you.

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