CLIMAQX Ultra Grips - Black

35,00 €


* Suurus

Lifting Straps Ultra Grips Black - protect your wrists, make it easier to lift heavy weights and prevent injuries
The lifting straps Ultra Grips Black are unique fitness aids with a non-slip surface and ergonomic shape that protect your wrists, strengthen the grip and make it easier to lift heavy weights. They are made of highly durable, but at the same time breathable material, which ensures comfort and safety during the entire exercise period. At the same time, straps protect the hands from injury, reduce pressure on the palms and prevent carpal tunnel inflammation.

How to choose the right size?
Size S M L XL
Wrist circumference 15.9 - 17.5 cm 17.5 - 18.0 cm 18.0 - 18.6 cm over 18.6 cm

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