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CP SPORTS AB roller / Kõhurull piduritega (G30-1)

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What about the C.P. Sports abdominal roller with brakes on you?
The belly scooter with brake from C.P. Sports is a small piece of exercise equipment that can have a big impact. The handling is kept simple and yet effective. The brake enables safe training. The C.P. Sports abdominal trainer with brakes not only trains the abdominal muscles, but also the muscles in the back, arms, shoulders, buttocks and chest. With your knees you lean on the rubberized handles and slowly roll back and forth with body tension. With the brake everyone can determine the training intensity and gain more and more security.

The most important facts at a glance
Safe training thanks to the brakes
Small training device that is said to have a great effect.
Rubberized ergonomic handles
Flexible due to its size and low weight (700g)
To whom do we recommend the C.P. Sports?
We generally recommend the abdominal roller with brakes to everyone who wants to train and support the muscle groups specified above.

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