CP SPORTS Comfort hook (T15)

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Pulling aids/pulling hooks support and relieve the forearms, since they do not have the strength of the back muscles, for the optimal execution of deadlifts, pull-ups, heavy neck pulling, etc. and allow for more repetitions or more weight. In addition, the comfort pull-up hooks optimize the pulling force on the bar and facilitate gripping strength in all pulling and lifting exercises.
The CP Sports pull-up hooks Comfort have been specially developed for the heaviest pulling exercises. Extra wide, non-slip, rubber-coated metal hooks with comfortably padded Velcro fasteners on the wrist ensure a very good and secure grip on the pole.

Special features:
suitable for bodybuilders and strength athletes
non-slip metal hooks with rubber coating
easy to use
ideal for relieving the forearms during pulling exercises
Materials: 100% Polyester
One size fits all
Color: Black

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