CP SPORTS Fat Grip trainer (G24-2)

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The C.P. Sports FAT GRIP forearm trainer for effective and flexible forearm training - for strong and defined arms!
Extra wide, knurled double handle with central pull cable reel, with which the weight plates or plug weights of the cable towers are wound with both hands. By mutual recapture of both hands, the entire forearm muscles are trained in absolute isolation and also achieved an enormous strengthening of the wrists! Muscular forearms are impressive and a sign of tremendous power. Strong forearms are the requirements for a strong grip, which is a great advantage in strength training.

A "must" not only for all bodybuilders but also for mountain bikers, motorcyclists, anglers, powerlifters, gymnasts and rehabilitation patients!

With a weight intake for weight plates 50mm and 30 / 31mm at a max. Weight load of 50 kg.

Even at low weight, a strong stress is given by the mutual winding and unwinding of the respective weight.

Special features:

   extra thick (~ 5cm Ø), knurled handles
   stable weight and weight bolts
   particularly high quality and flexible nylon rope
   Snap hook with swivel joint for attachment to the cable tow tower or for free disk mount
   Dimensions: Length of the disc holder: ~ 18 cm, length of the rope: ~ 210 cm, reach: ~ 17cm
   Weight: approx. 1580 g
Material: steel / nylon
Color: Black
Scope of delivery: 1 C.P. Sports Fat Grip Forearm Trainer

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