CP SPORTS Knee wraps põlvesidemed 150cm (T23-camo) Camo

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These elastic C.P. Sports knee wraps stabilize and support the knee when training with heavy weights and squats. Due to the length of 150 cm and the width of 8 cm it is very comfortable to wear. Knee supports are essential for bodybuilders as protection of the joints, as they relieve the knee, provide stability and a firm hold. Because without knee supports, the risk of injuries such as dislocations, torn ligaments, torn tendons or sprains is high.

These knee wraps have no extra Velcro fasteners - the ends are tucked under the wrapped bandage and thus offer a particularly secure hold that is not possible with Velcro fasteners!

Note: The trainer must wrap this knee support from the calf towards the thigh! In the case of particularly high weight loads, a bandage with a Velcro fastener is not advisable, as this could loosen and thus the stability would suddenly decrease!

Special features:

8 cm wide and 150 cm long
extra without Velcro for a perfect hold!
stabilize and protect the knee joint
elastic and robust
Hand wash at 30 degrees
Material: 80% polyester, 20% rubber
One size fits all
Color: camouflage white
Scope of delivery: 1 pair of C.P. Sports knee supports 150 cm

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