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CP SPORTS Leather Dip Belt (G6)

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The leather dip belt is padded and an absolutely robust and highly resilient leather dip belt. Suitable for weight training in the studio or at home. An ideal training accessory for strengthening a wide variety of muscles during heavy dips or pull-ups.
With variable weights (weight plates or dumbbells) the degree of stress can be increased as required.
This high-gloss chrome-plated, twisted dip belt chain, in conjunction with a dip belt, enables a more comfortable training, as the weights in this way hang lower and no longer directly between the legs. The chain is twisted and has two stable snap hooks.

Application: The dip belt is simply placed around the waist and the weight plate hangs on the chain between the legs.

Special features:

chromed steel chain with 2 snap hooks
Chain length: approx. 90 cm, carabiner size: 8mm
Belt length: approx. 82 cm
comfortably padded in the lumbar region
Width in the lumbar region 19 cm
for maximum stress during dips and pull-ups
Material: leather
One size fits all
Color: Black
Scope of delivery: 1 dip belt incl. Steel chain and snap hook

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