CP SPORTS Leather Weight Lifting Belt (Black) T4-3

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The C.P. Sports weightlifting belt leather extra wide is the classic among weightlifting belts - in a special width in the lumbar region. This weight lifting belt made of robust and hard-wearing leather is ideal for weight training with high weights. Due to its ergonomic shape and the 150 mm wide and well padded back piece in the lumbar area, it supports the spine particularly well when there is a heavy weight load. The double pin lock offers up to 11 adjustment options. With white C.P. Sports logo.

Note: The correct size can be determined by measuring the waist circumference at the height of the navel.

Special features:
hard-wearing and robust leather
with double pin lock with up to 11 adjustment options
with comfortable lumbar pad
Extra width in the lumbar region approx. 15 cm
Thickness of the lumbar pad approx. 1 cm
very high wearing comfort
Material: 100% leather
Available in sizes (waist size): XS = 55-70cm. S = 65-85 cm, M = 75-100 cm, L = 95-125 cm, XL / XXL = 112-146 cm

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