CP SPORTS Power Grips Pro (F19-1) Camo

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The C.P. Sports Power Grips Pro are ideal for a non-slip and safe training. Due to the anatomical shape, they are perfectly adapted to the right and left palm.
Simply put your index, middle, ring and little fingers through the loops provided and start training. The inner surface is grooved and rubberized and guarantees a safe and non-slip grip on the bar or dumbbell.
The great design and the durable and hard-wearing material make these grips a great training aid. Due to the ergonomic shape and the size of the surface, they adapt ideally to the palm of your hand.
Special features:
anatomically shaped for right and left
easy to use
ideal training aid with super grip to prevent slipping
protects the palms of the hands
with 4 finger loops
approx. 12 cm x 14 cm (HxW)
Corneal formation is minimized
durable and hard-wearing
Material: neoprene with rubber
One size fits all
Available in the color: camouflage white

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