CP SPORTS Power padjaga karedad tõsterihmad (T14-1)

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Pulling aids support and relieve the forearms, as they do not have the power of the back muscles, in the optimal execution of deadlifts, pull-ups, severe neck-pulling and the like. and allow more repetitions or even more weight. In addition, the C.P. Sports Power-Pads Comfort the pulling force on the pole and facilitate the gripping force during all pulling and lifting exercises.
The C.P. Sports Power Pads Comfort are designed for the heaviest pull exercises. The non-slip and tear-resistant rubber grip surface and the padded, variable velcro strap on the wrist ensure a very good and secure grip contact to the rod.
Place the grip surface of the Power Pads comfort against the hand opening around the rod or pull handles and reach the desired tension by picking it up!

Special features:

suitable for bodybuilders and strength athletes
especially for the heaviest train exercises
non-slip rubber grip surface
easy to handle
ideal for relieving the forearms during pull exercises
Supple and firm
Adjustable Velcro closure
Material: 100% polyester
One size fits all
Color: Black

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