CP SPORTS Powerlifting (T8) vöö

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The C.P. Sports Powerlifting Belt is a very high quality and robust powerlifting belt made from 3-layer Buffalo leather - ideal for maximum training with heavy weights in the field of weight training, powerlifting and triathlon. The belt supports and stabilizes the spine and relieves the knees during heavy squats, deadlifts, bench presses, etc. 3-layer, high-quality buffalo leather with double-pin lock protects and stabilizes the spine during maximum training. High quality workmanship, very robust and durable.

Note: The correct size can be determined by measuring your waist circumference exactly at the navel height.

Special features:

Width 10 cm, thickness 1 cm
with double pin lock
3-layer, high-quality Buffalo leather
high quality workmanship, very robust and durable
ideal for maximum training with heavy weights
Material: 3-layer buffalo leather

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