CP SPORTS Premium Dumbbell / Hantlid 2x10kg (G72) 2tk

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The CP SPORTS Premium dumbbell set G72 is a flexible, top-class training equipment for at home and/or on the go. This very high-quality set is the ideal companion for all strength training exercises, so that you can also train effectively at home. The practical star locks make it easy to load with the desired weights. Not only do you shape your figure, but you also strengthen your muscles and develop strength.

This set consists of 4 x 2 kg weight plates, 8 x 1 kg weight plates, 2 handle bars and 4 star locks. This allows you to individually determine your personal training weight. The discs have an inner diameter of 26/27mm and the rod diameter is 26mm. CP SPORTS premium cast iron dumbbell set 20kg of the extra class
4 x 2 kg weight discs, 8 x 1 kg weight discs, 2 x handle bars and 4 x screw-on collars (total weight 20 kg)

Special features:

Barbell: The gripping surfaces are knurled in the grip area to ensure a secure and firm grip. In addition, they have absolutely high-quality manufactured threads.
Star locks: They ensure that the weights are firmly seated on the bar and prevent the discs from rattling.
Weight plates: Robust and extremely durable - the weights are made of solid cast iron
Scope of delivery: 4 x 2 kg weight plates, 8 x 1 kg weight plates, 2 handle bars and 4 star locks
Material: cast iron
Gender: Unisex

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