CP SPORTS Premium nahaga tõsterihmad (T12-5) Brown

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Pulling aids support and relieve the forearms, as they do not have the strength of the back muscles. In the optimal execution of deadlifts, pull-ups, heavy neck pulls, etc. and allow the pulling aids to do more repetitions or heavier weight. In addition, these premium pulling aids increase the pulling force on the bar and make it easier to grip.

The CP Sports Premium pulling aids are made of solid material and are very comfortable and pleasant to wear and are ideal for bodybuilders and strength athletes. The neoprene pads prevent the straps from cutting into the wrist, even with extremely heavy weights. Washable!

Application: Place the pulling aids around the wrist and fasten with Velcro. Wrap the band around the pole and twist to tighten

Special properties:

robust and hard-wearing
suitable for bodybuilders and strength athletes
comfortable and pleasant to wear
Total length 50 cm, width 4 cm
Gentle, 5mm thick neoprene padding in the wrist area
Material: 100% leather

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