CP SPORTS Profi-Athletik Gloves (F16-2)

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The C.P. Sports professional athletic glove is a particularly high quality, colourfast cowhide glove with full leather wrist bandages for high demands and reliable durability during tough training sessions. Double seams, anatomically shaped palm pads and very robust leather ensure an excellent fit combined with optimal stability and wrist fixation during professional bodybuilding training. Adjustable, flexible Velcro fastener.

Note: Please note that the strain on your hands can increase during exercise. This should be taken into account when choosing the size!

Special features:
colourfast cowhide glove
Full leather wrist wraps
adjustable Velcro fastener
double stitching
anatomically shaped palm pads

Material: 50% leather, 40% polyurethane, 10% nylon

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