CP SPORTS Profi Powerlifting T9 RED belt

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The C.P. Sports Profi Powerlifting Belt is an extremely stable, multi-layer belt made of Buffalo leather. With an absolutely secure, stable and solid patent closure with a chrome-plated buckle, it has been tried and tested in competition and is therefore ideally suited for professionals. Can be used for maximum training with heavy weights in the field of weight training, power lifting and triathlon. The belt supports and stabilizes the spine and relieves the knees during heavy squats, deadlifts, bench presses etc.

The correct size can be determined by measuring your waist circumference exactly at the level of the navel.

If the belt does not fit perfectly and the clasp opens again, it is because there is too little tension on the clasp buckle.
In this case, loosen the buckle from the fixation with a screwdriver, move it closer to a hole and fasten it again with the screws.

Special features:

multi-layer, extremely stable and high quality Buffalo leather
suitable for professionals - competition-tested with an absolutely secure patent lock
Chrome-plated buckle
Width 9.5 cm
Thickness 1 cm
Material: 100% leather
Red color
Available in sizes (waist circumference in cm): XS (50-75cm) - S (60-86cm) - M (70-96cm) - L (80-106cm) - XL (90-116cm)
XXL (100-126cm) - XXXL (110-136cm)
Scope of supply: 1 power lifting belt in the desired size

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