CP SPORTS Spider Grips (T1002)

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The innovative C.P.SPORTS SPIDER GRIPS are much more than a classic pulling aid and combine various top features for effective training! Perfect pull support for all pulling exercises, protection and grip for pushing exercises as well as stabilization of the wrist thanks to the precisely fitting bandage.

HOLD & GRIP LIKE CLIMBING! The special rubber coating on both sides on the gripping surface ensures maximum grip - for perfect transfer of gripping power to the training device and a secure feeling when gripping, even with sweaty hands.

HOOK OR LEVER - YOU DECIDE! The flexibly foldable gripping surface can be placed under or over the bar or the handle for optimal function and support when lifting or pulling weights - simple and ingenious!

SECURITY & COMFORT AT PRO-LEVEL! The up to 42 cm long bandage with mega-strong Velcro fastener and neoprene padding guarantees a perfect fit, support function and stabilization of the wrist to protect against injuries - a high-quality gel pad in the gripping surface also ensures optimum comfort when gripping.

Material: gripping surface made of cowhide with special rubber coating - bandage made of tear-resistant polyamide fibers with neoprene padding and plastic buckle

Colour: black - red rubber

Sizes (A = length of the padding / B = total length of the bandage): S: A = 22.0 cm / B = 34.0 cm • M: A = 23.0 cm / B = 38.0 cm • L: A = 24.0 cm / B = 40.5 cm • XL: A = 25.0 cm / B = 42.0 cm (to choose the right size, measure the circumference of your wrist with a tape measure)

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