CP SPORTS Triceps Rope (G15)

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The C.P. Sports triceps rope is an extremely resilient polypropylene rope, durable and robust and suitable for versatile, two-armed pulling exercises on multi or cable towers.
For exercising the biceps and triceps muscles. Because the elbows stay tight with the rope during training, the inner biceps is particularly challenged.
The swivel joint and the rubber ends with a diameter of 6 cm enable comfortable and safe training and individual posture options.

Special features:

Length of rope approx. 60 cm
Total length including end pieces approx. 70 cm
Diameter of the rope about 2.5 cm
with swivel
for biceps and triceps training on multi or cable towers
extremely resilient polypropylene
Material: polypropylene
One size fits all
Color: Black
Scope of delivery: 1 C.P. Sports triceps rope

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