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GASPARI SuperPump Aggression T-Shirt - M

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10,00 €
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  • T-Shirt consists of 100% cotton
  • Aggression T-shirt – signed with the logo of a fantastic pre-workout from Gaspari Nutrition
  • Show your interest in sports
  • Comfortable, breathable fabric
  • Show off your style with the Aggression Logo T-shirt
  • Works well for both training and everyday use

The Aggression T-Shirt is an extraordinary T-shirt that effectively catches the eye. The black logo looks great on white cotton. The logos create a nice composition with the lush green word Aggression. The T-shirt is comfortable and pleasant to the touch because it is made of 100% cotton. The material is hygroscopic. Thanks to this, the T-Shirt will work well as a garment for the gym. The t-shirt will also be great for an evening out on the city, and the interesting graphics will catch the eye with its unique style.

Gaspari specialists have created a T-shirt for sports fans, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who remember the successes of bodybuilding champion Rich Gaspari. Without a doubt, Rich Gaspari is a bodybuilding legend. He has been associated with the fitness industry for over 30 years. After retiring, he created his own line of supplements and built one of the most respected and recognized brands in the world – Gaspari Nutrition.

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