GHOST Multi 30 Servings / 90caps BB 01/01/2024

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GHOST® MULTI is back for good and ready to become the new staple in everyone's daily routine. GHOST® MULTI comes loaded to help you hit your micronutrient targets and is formulated to ensure you absorb all the good stuff with a high level of bioavailability, getting what you need day in, day out.

GHOST® Full Disclosure Label
21 Highly Bioavailable Vitamins & Minerals
200MG Lutemax® 2020
667MG PureWay-C™
100MG EvNolMax®
Vegan Friendly

Your new daily staple multi-vitamin has arrived in the Mix! Ghost Multi delivers all the good stuff to help you meet your micronutrient targets on the daily, formulated maximum absorption meaning you get the most out of all the good stuff. Whether you know what this is or not, GHOST multi has taken the worry away and are giving you ALL that you need and more! If these aren't #health we don't know what is!

With 21 highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals in one serving as well as the highly thought of advanced form of Vitamin-C 'PureWay-C™' teamed with a 200mg dose of Lutemax® 2020 aiding with eye-health. The guys at Ghost REALLY have thought of it all here folks, with our screen time forever on the rise it's about time we had something that contributes to our vision!

As per the usual GHOST® formula's this label is also full-disclosure label that offers up the dose of each active ingredient. No proprietary factory bought blends here. Ghost have handpicked every single ingredient to ensure these multi-vits stack up above all others, delivering Legend level health all year round!

An all-in-one health & wellness product whether your diets on point or otherwise Ghost have got everything you need and some things you can't GET from daily servings of food all tablet form helping you (more than) cover your essential, daily nutritional needs. We knowMulti-Vitamin don't hold great excitement and it's a shame they aren't in a multitude of delicious flavours, but needs must and our body will thank us by making sure we're feeling great and performing at our best! With the mad list of awesome additions to these ones we should always be recovering with ease from all those gruelling training sessions...and able to keep coming back for more!

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