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ICONFIT Diet Shake helps you lose weight with tasty and balanced meal replacement shakes. Each shake is high in protein and fiber, collagen, green tea extract to support fat burning and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. Only 210kcal shakes keep you feeling full and pleasant and help keep your daily calorie intake low.

  • High in protein (over 27%) and high in fiber (over 7%) and low in calories (only 208-211 kcal for a cocktail). Replace part of your daily heavier food with light diet cocktails.
  • The easiest and most enjoyable way to lose or maintain weight. There are four flavors to choose from and shakes are especially easy to prepare. Mix in a shaker with water and enjoy!
  • CLA and green tea extract added to support fat burning. Keeps you feeling full for hours while keeping your daily calorie intake low.
  • Collagen, however, supports skin, hair and joints. If you drink at least 3 diet cocktails a day, you will also get the necessary 10g of collagen.
  • The prebiotic fiber inulin promotes digestion, and micronutrients can be added from 23 different vitamins and minerals.
  • Also great for just a quick and easy meal both in the morning and in the middle of a busy day at work.

ICONFIT Diet Shake – great flavors, top quality ingredients, even better results . The easiest diet you’ve ever tried! Diet Shake contains only the highest quality and functional ingredients and helps lose weight. Keeps you feeling full for a long time and gives body even energy .

ICONFIT Diet Shake replaces regular high-calorie meals with light and low calorie (208-211kcal) shakes. A shake with balanced nutrients fills your stomach for hours and at the same time keeps your daily calorie intake very low. This is a scientifically proven method for successful weight loss and the best way to get rid of extra weight.

Each Diet Shake is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. and other important nutrients. It also contains green tea extract to support fat burning. A balanced recipe will help you lose weight!

The source of carbohydrates in the diet cocktail is a low glycemic index Palatinose™, which gives the body smooth energy for a long time. Studies show that it contributes to weight loss. This carbohydrate is necessary for energy and therefore you will feel full of energy for a long time!

The main source of fiber is natural inulin. This is a useful prebiotic fiber derived from natural chicory root. Inulin helps with digestion and helps the stomach feel full for  longer

Available in vanilla, strawberry, orange and chocolate flavors.


Nutrients:Chocolate / 55g servingChocolate / 100gOther Flavors / 55g servingOther Flavors / 100g
Energy (kJ / kcal) 869/208 1580/378 884/211 1608/384
Proteins (g) 15.1 27.5 15.7 28.6
Carbohydrates (g) 23.1 42.0 24.5 44.6
.. of which sugars (g) 15.9 28.9 16.9 30.8
Fats (g) 4.6 8.4 4.4 8.0
.. of which saturated (g) 2.3 4.1 2.3 4.1
Fiber (g) 3.9 7.10 3.9 7.14



INGREDIENTS: Skimmed milk powder , Palatinose isomaltulose, whey protein concentrate , maltodextrin, coconut milk powder (coconut milk, maltodextrin, casein ), inulin, hydrolysed collagen, vitamins and minerals blend, cocoa powder (in chocolate flavored only), conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), flavoring, linseed fiber, green tea extract, sweetener sucralose.

HOW TO USE: Mix 55g of powder (2 even measuring scoops) in a shaker with 250ml of water and consume immediately. Consume 2-4 servings a day as part of a weight loss diet. Be sure to also eat at least one regular healthy meal a day. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water regularly throughout the day.

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