ICONFIT Magnesium Fine Flakes 1kg

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ICONFIT Magnesium flakes are the best way to get magnesium because through the skin the body acquires it best. Our magnesium flakes are of European origin and are guaranteed to be of the purest quality class. Thanks to large purchase quantities and direct sales, we can offer them directly as approx. half cheaper than some other providers.

Magnesium flakes with the best price and the highest quality class in Estonia. You no longer have to pay almost 2x more elsewhere.
Helps relieve magnesium deficiency that can otherwise cause muscle cramps, stress and insomnia.
Thinner pieces that ensure faster solubility in water compared to large flakes. Suitable for both foot baths (approx. 200g flakes) and body baths (500g-1000g).
Use warm water (37C-41C) appropriately and not too hot.

ICONFIT Magnesium flakes are the best source of magnesium for your body, especially in their fine and highly soluble form. Magnesium is particularly well absorbed by our body through the skin, so the easiest way to consume it is to take a foot bath or add flakes to your body's bath water.

Magnesium is essential for us and is contained especially in our muscles and also in our blood vessels. Getting enough of it from a regular diet can sometimes be difficult and can lead to widespread magnesium deficiency. This can be manifested through muscle tension, cramps, poor sleep and stress.

For a long time, magnesium flakes have been popular in Estonia, but at the same time at a high price. Thanks to our large customer base and sales volumes, we can offer directly European flakes almost half as cheaply as they have been sold in Estonia so far. In addition, our magnesium is in a finer form, so it has a faster solubility than large lumps.

Quality guarantee

ICONFIT Magnesium flakes are of the highest quality class, of European origin and contain 47% magnesium chloride. The quality and purity of our product have also been checked by laboratory tests, which have proven that the product meets even the high European food safety requirements. Our product is guaranteed to be clean and free of any excess heavy metals as may be present in some magnesium flakes of unknown origin.

For foot-baths add 150-200g of flakes into 4 litres of warm water and put your feet in for about 20 minutes. For full-body baths add 500g-1000g of flakes into your bath water and stay in for about 20 minutes. Full-body baths should be taken up to once per day. Both foot- and full-body baths 4-7 times per week.

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