iFit NEON Yellow 700ml

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Equipped with a measuring scale for accurate dosing
Screw cap: no spillage in the bag
Equipped with a sieve for better mixing
Suitable for both water bottles and mixed drink mixing
Sheiker is a special tool for mixing and delivering recovery drinks and protein powders. In a shaker equipped with a sieve, all the powders, which are known to be more soluble than sports drinks, mix incomparably better than in a sports drink bottle, and no lumps remain. The 700ml shaker allows you to take several portions of powder with you and is large enough to hold an isotonic sports drink or water during training.

The screw-on cap allows the protein powders to be simply poured into a shaker, which would be impossible with a conventional bottle. The shaker is marked with milliliters and cubic centimeters in 50 steps. This allows the products to be accurately dosed even by people who do not have an exact kitchen scale. The shaker is made of plastic and is therefore much more resistant to shocks.

Sheiker is an indispensable helper for taking a recovery drink with you, because in order to recover faster from training, it is necessary to consume the products as soon as possible after training!

To whom? The shaker is necessary for everyone who uses post-workout recovery drinks and is looking for the most suitable means to store protein powders and sports drinks.

Use: Use the shaker to dispense, dissolve and carry recovery drinks. Dose the products according to the package.

Capacity: 700 ml

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