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MFG-850 Men's and Woman's Gloves for Gym training – model CRAZY

Cool gloves for everything that occurs to you. You get in-line in Skate Park, weight room, spinning or rowing simulator. You haven't had better gloves on your hands before I can guarantee you buddy.

The gloves are made of first-class Amara (made in Korea) enabling repeated washing in current washers and from body-friendy Tech incl. comfortable terry towel on the outside part of thumb.

The palm is made from double Amara ply equipped with comfortable stuffing and anatomic stitching. Newly shaped reinforcement layer is complemented with silicon printing preventing from lapse of dumbbell's pole or adaptor from the hand.

On the outer side of forefinger and little finger that are mostly strained during training the Amara is interrupted and padded by fine Lycra that increases the flexibility and is preventing from Amara's deformation (Flex & Fit)

The part among the fingers is made of body-friendy Tech.

Around the wrist a solid neoprene elastic strip is used that is ended by velcro (with protective cover of carpal-tunnel) for exact tightening the gloves both in the back part and in the wrist.

Contents: Amara, polyester

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