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Medpoint tekstiilist pikad treeningkummid 3tk

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The Medpoint textile training rubber set contains 1 light, 1 medium and 1 strong training rubber. The most versatile training equipment to train all parts of the body. This set replaces a healthy gym and is the safest way to strengthen muscles or do rehabilitation. Textile training rubbers are shatterproof, skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. The rubbers can be used singly or in combination. The rubbers are made of a nice soft textile that is nice to the touch.

lightweight rubber can be used in rehabilitation as well as strength training. Thanks to its compact size, it can be taken anywhere and perform various exercises anywhere. The ideal helper for stretching exercises.

Weight: 80g
Resistance: up to 6.8 kg
width: 3cm
Length: 104cm (total length 208cm)

medium rubber is ideal for adding weight to, for example, arm bends. In particular, the average rubber is used to develop muscle strength. Very effective for polymer and speed exercises.
Thanks to its compact size, it can be taken anywhere and perform various exercises anywhere. The ideal helper for stretching exercises and the development of explosive strength.

Weight: 90g
Resistance force: up to 11.3 kg
width: 3cm
Length: 104cm (total length 208cm)

Strong versatile resistance rubber is designed for use in strength training. With the strong black rubber, you can perform many different whole body exercises without difficulty. Very effective in training large muscle groups. For example, you can squat with a tube and rubber attached to the ground at both ends, and or with the help of a chinstroke

Weight: 100g
Resistance: up to 15kg
width: 3cm
Length: 104cm (total length 208cm)

The package includes
3 long textile rubbers of different strengths, sachets and instructions for use.

Textile rubbers are very durable and can be stretched 2.5x longer.
Ideal to use: For doing arm bends - Lifting - Pilates - Yoga - CrossFit workouts
Tough muscles but safe for joints

How to choose an exercise rubber for chin pulls? The choice of training rubber depends on the level of training and body weight. For beginners, we recommend using training tires with higher resistance for the jaw pull exercise. This is because the training rubber carries the weight of your body, so the more resistant rubbers offer more support.

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