Metallist GYRO BALL Power Ball Pro Titanium

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What is a gyro ball?

A gyro ball is a device that trains your wrists, hands and relieves stress!

Mainly intended for the relief of wrist ailments
With constant use, it is possible to get rid of wrist and elbow pain.
Provides tremendously positive emotion- relieves stress.
Suitable for people who work with their hands and suffer from muscle aches.
Gyros sold at Medpoint all have a digital display and autostart function *
* The autostart ball starts on the principle of a pull-up toy, which releases energy into the spring when it is pulled back and releases this energy. After that, it is necessary to start to increase the momentum with the movement of the wrist, so that the momentum does not stop.


Vibration free up to 20,000+ rpm
Durable, polished metal body (weight 0.5kg)
Transparent strong plastic housing
Extremely quiet internal mechanism
Battery-free 6-mode LCD speed display, Generates itself energy.
Autostart starts. You turn up like a toy car.
At high speeds, resistance up to 27kg
Who is Güropall suitable for?

People who use their hands at work and spend time in forced positions (hands on the keyboard)
Athletes - tennis players, skiers, golfers, hockey players, athletes, etc.
Professional masseurs
Professional managers
Disc Golfers
Gyro ball is also a great gift idea!

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