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Imported from the USA.

An awesome addition to the Monster Family ‘Monster Ultra Energy Rosa’ Yup – we’d be surprised if you guys hadn’t have heard of Monster!! You’ve probably stumbled on these awesome ‘Ultra Energy’ cans – zero calories, zero sugar, and 140mg of caffeine!! The perfect pre-workout RTD, grab and go, super tasty and 0 calories!!

Monster Energy is way more than just an energy drink - It's a lifestyle in a can! They're one of the most popular energy drinks on the market, and it's not difficult to see why - they taste great and provide a boost of energy when you need it most! Our huge range of American imported Monster Drinks are sure to satisfy the taste buds of even the biggest fans of Monster Energy - Why not grab a can today?

Monster Ultra is an exciting range of energy drinks from the Monster master craftsmen! They taste lighter, subtly less sweet and have none of the calories compared to the classic can of Monster - Do you need a boost of energy, without the sugar? Monster Ultra is the drink for you! Zero Rosa combines raspberry, cranberry, and lemonade with a crisp and complex floral finish!

Ingredients: Carbonated water, antioxidant (E330), sweetener (E968), taurine, antioxidant (E331), natural flavors, panax ginseng flavor, L-Carnitine, L-tartrate, caffeine, sweetener (E955), preservative (E200), White B3, sweetener (E950), White B5, dye, inositol, White B6, White B12. High caffeine content. Not recommended for children and pregnant or lactating women.

Nutritional Content:
Nutritional value per 100 ml:
Energy: 8kJ / 2kcal
Fat: 0g
- of which saturated fat: 0g
Carbohydrates: 1,27g
- of which sugar: 0g
Protein: 0g
Salt: 0,08g

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