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L-lysine is one of the three essential amino acids derived from animal feed. It is the basis for building proteins in the body. Over the years, nutrient uptake deteriorates and therefore a person does not get the required amount of L-lysine from food, especially if he is a vegetarian or on a low fat diet.
What causes L-lysine deficiency in the body? Men may experience impotence. In athletes, chronic tendonitis or muscle wasting (especially in long-distance runners). In the others, L-lysine deficiency causes decreased hematopoiesis and decreased hemoglobin levels.
According to the feedback, 1000 mg of L-lysine per day prevents the above-mentioned risks and significantly improves well-being. L-lysine is also often recommended as a mild antidepressant and natural anabolic agent that increases muscle mass and strength. In addition, L-lysine acts as a mild sexual desire enhancer.

Useful features:

Used for genital herpes as well as herpes ulcers on the lips, etc .;
Determined for rapid fatigue and reduced appetite;
Removes eye redness;
Heals hair:
Increases the body's ability to absorb calcium;
Prevents atherosclerosis;
Stimulates the production of collagen, immune system antibodies, endocrine hormones and digestive enzymes.

As a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet to 2 times daily, with or between meals.

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