OstroVit Choline 200g

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OstroVit Supreme Pure Choline is a high-class dietary supplement containing choline bitartrate, which is designed to support the proper functioning of the liver, brain function and nervous system that controls memory and mood. The ideal bioavailability was dictated by the high requirements of consumers. Product from the Supreme Pure Line where you choose only the declared active ingredient.

200 g choline in the package
As many as 400 servings in the package
Only 500 mg per day
Only one ingredient, no unnecessary fillers
SUPREME PURE product line
OstroVit Supreme Pure Choline
Cholin (in this case the form of bitartrate) is an organic chemical compound, also known as vitamin B4, used mainly for its cognitive stimulating properties (direct transformation into acetylcholine of one of the most important neurotransmitters) or as a means for liver health, able to reduce the accumulation fatty liver, its chronic inflammation, cirrhosis or hypercholesterolemia.

Properties OstroVit Supreme Pure Choline
Choline contributes to maintaining normal homocysteine metabolism
Choline contributes to maintaining proper fat metabolism
Choline helps the liver function properly
May support the development of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) of the fetus and the newborn
Reduces the risk of birth defects
Procognitive action promoting support for cognitive function optimization
It positively affects memory and mood
Supports the detoxification process


Choline bitartrate.

The product may contain milk (including lactose), soy, peanuts, other nuts, sesame seeds, oats, eggs, crustaceans, fish.

Nutrition Facts

 200 g
 500 mg

Active ingredients Per 100 gPer portion
Choline bitartrate 100 g 500 mg

Dissolve a single serving of the product 500 mg (1 scoop) in 100-150 ml of water or juice in a shaker. Take one serving a day.

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