OstroVit Expander Training Bands Set 5

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A product that can find a wide range of applications during various forms of physical activity.
The perfect training experience:

Made of the highest quality natural latex and nylon, the webbing is snap-proof and able to maintain its maximum level of resistance even after repeated stretching and use. Cushioned grips and thick padded ankle straps ensure optimal comfort and protection during exercise.

Exercise & Rehabilitation: Not only for daily fitness training and fat burning, these bands are also widely used to rehabilitate people suffering from leg, knee and back injuries, help with recovery from MCL, ACL, knee replacement, kneecap, perfect choice for women, who want to keep their body in shape after pregnancy and birth.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Packed in a carry bag, the entire set weighs only 0.5kg and fits easily into a backpack or briefcase so you can exercise at home, gym, office or on the go.

Set contains:
1 x Yellow resistance band (approx. 4.5 kg resistance)
1 x Green resistance band (approx. 11 kg resistance)
1 x Red resistance band (resistance approx. 6.8 kg)
1 x Blue resistance band (approx. 9 kg resistance)
1 x Black resistance band (resistance approx.16.6 kg)
1 x Bag with drawstring
2 x handle with handle
2 x ankle strap

1 x Door handle
Technical features of the product:
Type: Rubber with two snap hooks
Material: TPE plastic
Usage: weight loss, yoga, bodybuilding, pilates, lifting, rehabilitation etc.
Length: 120 cm

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