OstroVit Grip pad

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With regard to some workouts, particularly the ones which involve considerable loads, you need to take care of security and comfort of your exercises. Handling weights, dumb-bells and barbell raises chafe, callus and wrist injury risk. You not only need a suitable sportwear but also gym accessories. There are also grip pads. They serve as a perfect substitute to classic gym gloves.

OstroVit Grip pad - pads for hands
assure safe and stable grip
limit barbell or dumb-bells slipping risk
eliminate callus or chafe risk
protect palms against allergy, limiting direct contact with metal
improve workout comfort
Product specifications
The materials used for production have been properly selected both in terms of quality and usability. The pads are made of light and flexible material, thanks to which they perfectly adapt to shape of your palms. The internal anti-skidding part of the pad secures against weight slipping.

Size: L
Length: 14 cm
Width: 12.5 cm
Color: black

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